"Kontrapunkte" is a multilingual open peer-reviewed journal in blog format with the aim of promoting discussion about music didactic issues in a group context. The aim is to make the diversity of positions within this discussion visible, audible and appreciated. The journal brings together music didactic contributions from the professional field (e.g. teaching concepts and methods, current issues in the teaching and learning of music, attitudes of teachers and learners) as well as from academia (of an empirical, theoretical and critical nature).

In order to do justice to the claim of a discussion, an exchange is necessary. Therefore, all experts in the field of music didactics are invited to comment on contributions from their point of view. Both the initial contributions and the comments will be reviewed by an editor six months after the publication of the initial contribution as a discussion. Thus, three different types of contributions are distinguished: Initial contributions, comments and reviews. An initial contribution, the comments referring to it and the review together form a published unit, which is referenced under a DOI, permanently archived and made accessible in Open Access.

We look forward to a multi-voiced discussion on music didactic questions and therefore encourage all interested actors in the field of music didactics (students, lecturers, teachers, internship supervisors, researchers, pupils, etc.) to participate. Potential authors for initial contributions are either requested by the editors or can propose topics for publication on their own initiative. In this case, a member of the editorial team takes over the publication. In order to reflect the diversity of the media, contributions in multimedia form are possible and desired (texts, podcasts, videos etc. and hybrid formats). Since we lack experience in this area, we ask that you contact us as early as possible (ideally already in the conception phase) if you are planning contributions beyond pure texts, which we also recommend for text contributions.